Worst Eating Habit Speeding Up Bone Loss

Many drinking and eating habits can speed up bone loss, there's one sneaky habit that can be causing damage without you even knowing: skimping on your calcium and vitamin D.

You can achieve this by substituting plant-based alternatives for all dairy products that are not fortified with calcium and vitamin D, as dairy products are good suppliers of both nutrients.

Additionally, you can frequently place red meat in the middle of your plate rather than adding vitamin D-rich fish, which experts advise you to have 2-3 servings of each week.

You'll lose out on the foods you should eat more of if you concentrate too much on what you shouldn't consume for healthy bones. Together, calcium and vitamin D support the development of strong, healthy bones.

Your bones contain the majority of the calcium in your body. Calcium hydroxyapatite makes up 66% of the mineral composition of bone. If you don't get enough calcium in your diet, your bones will suffer.

After the age of 51, 1,200 milligrammes each day for women. The US population as a whole falls short of the recommended calcium intake by up to 40%.

Include calcium-rich items in your diet every day, such as milk, tofu, sardines, yoghurt, and other dairy products. Ask your doctor consider taking a supplement to maintain your bone health if you are unable to meet your needs through food alone.

You should be cautious not simply of calcium. Your body can't use the calcium you consume to strengthen your bones without vitamin D.

Due to time spent indoors, living north of the equator, and the body's diminished capacity to manufacture vitamin D as we age, food and supplements can help you receive adequate vitamin D. Vitamin D is special in that your body can make it through sun exposure.

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