Worst Reason To Drink Wine

There are numerous health benefits to the occasional glass of wine, including potential protection against cardiovascular disease and life extension.

The results have been overstated.

Red wine consumption can lower blood pressure. There is some evidence to suggest that this situation has been exaggerated.

The potential of wine to lower blood pressure has not been proven conclusively, and this should not be seen as a compelling reason to consume wine. It is generally accepted that additional research is necessary before people can confidently tout this ability.

The connection is very unclear.

Because most studies are observational and only demonstrate association rather than causation, wine users may already be taking other steps to protect their hearts in addition to drinking wine.

Alcohol might not be an important factor.

It was discovered that males at a high risk of cardiovascular disease may have their blood pressure lowered by non-alcoholic red wine.

Wine did not show a significant reduction in blood pressue.

Men who consumed non-alcoholic red wine saw an average six-point drop in systolic blood pressure. That will cut the risk of heart disease by 14% and the risk of stroke by 2%, respectively.

You could end up drinking too much.

It can actually have the opposite effect and be a stress on your heart to consume more wine than the daily suggested quantity, which is one glass for women and two for men.

Triglyceride levels in the blood can increase as a result of excessive alcohol use. Fatty accumulation in arterial walls has been linked to high triglyceride levels paired with high LDL cholesterol or low HDL cholesterol.

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