Worst Times to Drink Coffee


As in literally after 12 p.m. Cold brew typically has a higher caffeine count than hot coffee

After noon.


Coffee is no exception to the old "everything in moderation" adage.

When you've already had 2 cups.


The beverage is acidic, drinking it on an empty stomach can cause discomfort

When you haven't eaten anything else.


If you struggle with high cholesterol, you do not need to cut coffee out of your life

When your cholesterol levels are high.


As avid drinkers know, coffee can become a habit so strong it borders on addiction.

On a daily basis.


Coffee have a direct effect on energy levels. They do this by increasing the activity of the central nervous system—stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters that impact our energy

The problem is that our body adapts to their effects and requires increasing doses to obtain the same effect; eventually leading to burnout and fatigue.

Americans crave the caffeine hit, the productivity boost, the flavor.

Black coffee can enhance cognitive skills, help with digestion, act as an anti-inflammatory.

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