Your Local Walmart May Look Different Soon

Walmart is now undergoing a makeover, and customers are so far enjoying the new modifications because of the stylish furniture displays, video boards, and cutting-edge refrigerated areas.

With its new "interactive shop" concept, Walmart has revealed plans to invest close to $55 million in 12 locations in Virginia this year.

Pickup, delivery, and Express delivery in under two hours will all be available at the recently renovated locations.

The Walmart+ subscription will be more accessible to customers than it was previously. One of the stores in Roanoke and the other in Lynchburg are undergoing renovation.

The new store design's "incubator" site, called "Time Well Spent," was debuted in January of this year in Springdale, Arkansas.

The moniker is meant to convey how the company imagines customers perusing the store. To encourage shoppers to spend more time there, Walmart even upgraded the lighting in its stores.

Bolder signage, a smartphone app to help consumers navigate the store, digital displays with interactive elements like QR codes, and new self-checkout kiosks are all features of the new Walmart location.

Walmart has been working very hard to update both its physical and online appearance.

The retail behemoth recently partnered with Roku to allow purchases through its TVs, and it will soon be constructing four new fulfilment facilities with the ability to more quickly pack and send out online goods.

The automated warehouses will enable Walmart to compete on an equal footing with Amazon by considerably expanding its online presence and quickly completing orders.

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