You’re Probably Pouring Your Milk Upside Down

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Some allegedly helpful "life hacks" are actually more bother than they're worth. Tricks like using a flat iron to straighten ramen or a toilet seat as a beach cooler are more appropriate for TikTok than in real life.

The best hacks demand the least amount of work. Consider this video Turning the carton 180 degrees will make pouring milk or drink less messy in the morning.

This ruse was discovered by Taste of Home on the TikTok account goldilocks.bears.x. The typical way that most individuals pour liquid from a carton is first demonstrated. In other words, you likely hold the container such that the side with the plastic spout is closest to the bowl.

By changing how you handle the carton, you can avoid the possible mess. Your pour will be considerably smoother if you turn it around so the entrance is now on the upper side.

The demonstration in the video below demonstrates how, despite the liquid's longer fall distance, this technique still creates a constant, splash-free stream.

The pressure inside the box determines whether your drink will splatter when it leaves. A milk or juice carton that is completely filled has an air bubble at the top.

The pressure inside the container is initially equal to the pressure outside, but when liquid drains out the spout, that internal pressure decreases. Air from the outside will occasionally "glug" into the carton to equalise the pressure again if you pour using the spout on the bottom side.

This is resolved by using the top side of the spout to pour liquid. It prevents obstruction in the top portion of the opening, allowing air to enter slowly and without a jarring hiccup.

If you've ever had to change out of your juice-stained clothes before going to work, you know it can be a lifesaver. It may seem like a little change. Here are some more useful life tips.

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